Xenia Township Stories and Articles


Alan King

Donges Soda Fountain and Drug Store or "25¢ will get you a Lemon Coke and a bag of Kuntz Potato Chips"

The Trashcan Index
or "Economics can be a messy business."

Issues in Xenia Township: Fair Water Bills or "How much cash can you make off your neighbor before it's not neighborly?"

Issues in Xenia Township: 5 Acre Lots
or "Have you ever tried to mow 5 acres?"

Issues in Xenia Township: Old Chillicothe of the Shawnee or "Tecumseh's Birthplace"

Modern Pioneers or "Self Employment, Country Style"

The Blizzard of 08
or "15 inches in a day"

Mileposts  or "Looking out through the windshielf of life."

A Dollar's Worth of Gas or "I remember when a tank cost 4 bucks..."

The Stevenson Road Covered Bridge or "Speed, immortality, a hill..."

Independence Day or "We the people..."

A Long Productive Life or "98 1/2 years young."

From The Bedrock Up or "A mile thick sheet of ice can really wear you down."

Rollin' Through The Township or "Looking at life from the seat of a bike."

Where it "Usedta" Be or "Community memory."

Tecumseh - Xenia Twp's Most Famous Native or "The George Washinton of the Shawnee."

Simon Kenton's Gauntlet or "Too tough to kill."

Class of '65 or "Waiting for the war to go away."

Xenia's Tornados & Other Weather Disasters or "The town that was blown ONTO the map."

Halloween Short Story: The Man Under the Sandpile or "I can dig it...."

Xenia Township's Haunted Mansion or "Boo!"

Apples and Summer Sausage or "The flavors of Xenia township."

The Underground Railroad or "The run for freedom."

Education Pays or "Investing in the kids."

Greene County in the Fall or "Mother Nature struts her stuff."

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